How Do You Resolve Inheritance Conflicts?

How Do You Resolve Inheritance Conflicts?

The first step in resolving inheritance disputes occurs before the estate owner’s passing. By creating an estate plan which clearly outlines your intent, you and your family members will avoid unwanted disagreements. If a parent decides to divide property unequally, the estate plan will almost always avoid unwanted disputes between loved ones. A living trust also adds a layer of protection against probate (the costly and time-consuming court process for estates without a plan) and death taxes and helps position assets to pass effortlessly without conflict between family members. The parents also have a chance to add a letter of instructions to their estate planning documents, if they choose, in order to avoid conflict and hurt feelings between siblings.

Most families can work through disputes with the right help and no legal battle, but sometimes beneficiaries will engage in self-serving or unethical behavior. Inheritance disputes can be very stressful, which is why having a good estate litigation attorney is important. We are committed to providing our clients with the experienced legal representation, while offering personalized legal service in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We represent executors, personal representatives, and estate administrators, and beneficiaries in complex cases, involving will contests, beneficiary claims, breach of fiduciary duties, estate mismanagement and trustee and executor accounts

At First Class Counsel we take family disputes seriously. Questioning the validity of wills based on fraud, duress, undue influence, coercion, lack of capacity, proper will execution, and testamentary intent is our specialty. Whether you are accused of breaching your fiduciary duties or believe an executor overstepped his or her boundaries, we know the right strategy to apply in securing your best interests. Contact First Class Counsel to learn more about inheritance issues and how to resolve them.  

We understand Estate disputes can be very challenging, and lead to long-term drama between loved ones. While there are peaceful ways to resolve these issues, sometimes your options are very limited. If you are facing an estate dispute that can’t be solved without intervention, don’t hesitate to contact our firm. 


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