Comprehensive Estate Planning

Comprehensive Estate Planning

Make Prudent Decisions Today to Protect Your Hard-Earned Assets Tomorrow.

Estate planning is not only for the wealthy—everybody can benefit from ensuring their assets and finances are properly taken care of after their death. Although California has no death tax, the Federal death tax can be substantial. Without the proper planning, you and your family would be at great risk.

When a person passes on without leaving a clear estate plan, or any estate plan at all, the issue must be resolved through the difficult, stressful, and often emotional legal process known as probate. Probate can be extremely costly, problematic, and time consuming. Arguments are sparked over who should receive what leading to unintended distribution of your assets and major costs for everyone.

Although most people do not like to think of the future and what will happen to their property after they pass away, this is a natural reaction. We encourage you to take the initiative and get your assets and property in order as early as possible. For your own peace of mind as well as for the benefit of your loved ones, attorneys at First Class Counsel can help you avoid these complications by designing an estate plan just for you that explicitly follows your wishes.

Place your trust in our hands, and we will make our experience work for you and your family.

We help protect the assets of grandparents, parents and loved ones every day. Having an experienced California living trust attorney matters when it comes to protecting your loved ones, your home, and your assets. To best serve you, we can meet in person or discuss your case via telephone appointment.

The Four elements of our Estate Plan: a Living Trust, Pour-Over Will, Durable Power of Attorney, and Advance Health Care Directive, contain the most important set of legal documents which can make it easy for you and your family to ensure your wishes and needs are met if you're unable to speak for yourself.

First Class Counsel provides excellent value combined with efficient and effective estate planning services.

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We take the time to learn about you and your family’s unique needs and desires.
Our skilled attorneys handle each case on a one-on-one basis, exploring the best options that suit your individual needs.
We are here to serve you as our courteous staff work hard so you don’t have to.